What is the role of splitters and power splitter

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Splitter power splitter full name , is a kind of an input signal into two or more energy output equal or unequal energy devices can also turn the multi-channel signal output energy synthesis all the way , then you can also be called Combiner . Should ensure a certain degree of isolation between the power splitter output port. The main technical parameters splitters are power loss ( including insertion loss, distribution loss and return loss ) , each port VSWR , isolation between ports power distribution , power capacity and bandwidth and so on.

Splitters , also called over-current distributor , sub active, passive two , one signal can be evenly distributed into several outputs , generally has a few dB of attenuation all the way , every minute of different signal frequency divider different attenuation different , in order to compensate for attenuation , in which the amplifier is added to make a passive splitters .

Equal satellite IF signal splitters feature is the way to enter into several outputs , there are usually two power points, four power points, six power points , and so on . Splitter operating frequency is 950MHz-2150MHz, TV Shaoyou presumably on splitters are too familiar . Use and performance of these three devices is completely different, but in everyday use are often easy to confuse the names , makes people prone to confusion in the use of satellite TV receiver systems in the multi- satellite receiver , antenna sharing side , several antennas sharing a satellite receiver, and a satellite receiver and more than two sides of the above antenna duplexer , in addition to their connecting cables between them than the main switch is programmed by the combination achieved . splitters and splitters what role

Splitter is used to take more than one satellite receiver if you want to take more than a satellite receiver antenna should work hard splitter . Selected according to the number of the connected splitters receiver if the receiver would take two with two splitters . pick four receivers on the use of four splitters .