K-series millimeter-wave cable assemblies
Product Description

1. K-series millimeter-wave cable assemblies Introduction

K-series millimeter-wave cable assemblies,By the K series millimeter wave corresponding mating connector cable assemblies, using frequencies up to 40GHz, with frequency bandwidth, high-frequency performance, low loss connection reliability. Since K Series connector uses millimeter-wave air interface, 1/4-36UNS threaded connections, with small size, light weight, can be interchangeable with SMA products, etc., so the K series millimeter-wave cable assemblies are widely used in microwave measurements and spatial location of complex and high performance requirements of the occasion.

2. Technical indicators

K-J/K-J-L Double straight connector mating semi-rigid cable,K-J/K-J-L Double straight mating connector flex cable, K-JW/K-JW-L Double elbow connected with flexible cable connector

Model Temperature Frequency range VSWR Insertion Loss I/L Can be connected with cables
K-J/K-J-L -40 50 DC-40GHz 1.3 5.5dB/m .86Millimeter-wave cable
K-J/K-J-L DC-40GHz 1.3 3dB/m QMF30,SF102E
K-JW/K-JW-L Provisions of the band 1.25 Insertion loss is calculated according to the band, line length




3. Test Data