Gore precision coaxial

Gore precision coaxial High-speed digital system designers to use custom designed Gore coaxial cable assembly to meet the electrical requirements and the most challenging. Most Gore uses expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) material for...

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Low loss power cable

Low loss power cable Power transmission cables used in the system will be affected by electrical, thermal, and system impact. Gore cables meet these requirements. Advantage Same diameter minimum loss High power handling capacity Optimum pha...

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GORE ™ RG400 coax optimized

GORE RG400 coax optimized GORE RG400 coax optimized designed to directly replace the cable RG400 cable, Gore compared with ordinary cable RG400 cable, weight 60% diameter reduction of 30%, due to the small size, flexible and easy wiring, ap...

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gore RF and microwave test cable assemblies

gore RF and microwave test cable assemblies description: Microwave / RF Cable Testing Components Gore is the ultra-high performance vector network analyzer (VNA) cable leading supplier to develop a series of cost-effective, high-performance...

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Gore PHASEFLEX test cable assemblies

Gore PHASEFLEX Test Cable Assemblies Description: GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave / RF test cable assemblies for production testing with a special design, can reduce the wireless infrastructure market, the total test cost of production test enviro...

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